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Nicole A. Martinell
Alexander Technique Teacher
Somatic Movement
~Perry Hall & Baltimore, MD~

Balance, Motion, & Mindfulness



Alexander Technique

Mindfulness in thought and action leads to resiliency of the body and mind. 

Alexander Technique is a movement reeducation practice where students become aware of their habits, engage their thinking, and learn self-care strategies, leading to a resilient posture, coordinated movement, confidence, freedom of breath, and mental-physical wellbeing.

You have a choice in how you live and respond to the world around you.

Allow me to be your guide on this pathway to self-development.


Nicole A. Martinell

Nicole is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique through the American Society of Alexander Technique (AmSAT), a certified movement analyst, dancer/choreographer, and faculty member at Towson University.  Thriving in the Baltimore area since 2008, she creates an environment of curiosity and trust and encourages her students to question, discover, laugh, and grow.  


Photo by Deanna Bell Photography.

Let the work validate itself!

Lessons taught in one-on-one sessions or small group workshops.

In-person and online lessons available.


Through gentle touch, verbal and physical cueing, teachers guide students through sitting, standing, lying down, and transitional movements.  Students discover many tools and self-care strategies for ease and efficiency in their jobs, movement and artistic practices.  

Lessons, Questions, Packages...



Lessons located at Resiliency through Movement Office in Perry Hall, MD

and at Metta Integrative Wellness Cooperative in Hampden, MD

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