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Nicole is a fantastic Alexander Technique instructor who provides a safe space to learn more about one's body and how to take care of it. I have felt so empowered through my time with Nicole, and I have never felt more in awe of my body and what it can achieve.

- Ally Rizzo, college student (business major; viola minor)



I've learned so much from Nicole! By the third session, I learned how to prevent my chronic neck aches. Six months later, the neck aches have not returned, so long as I continue to practice AT principles.


With my neck pain out of the way, I asked Nicole to help me examine my overall posture and gait. Due to a painful old injury and tendinitis, I'd been favoring my right leg and foot for several years and, in a roundabout way, this all had led to muscle weakening through my back, hips, legs, and core that was making my posture and pain worse and worse. But soon into our inventory I also started noticing that just by challenging my body to make Nicole's posture corrections I was naturally engaging those very same, weakened muscles! Needless to say, this was an inspiring discovery and continues to be a source of motivation to get all my strength back.


As a dance teacher, Nicole is not only gifted in her wonderful ability to explain complex principles of movement in a clear way, but in the ease, grace and strength with which she is able to demonstrate Alexander Technique movements and posture corrections. I can't thank her enough for teaching me practical ways to push back against my worsening health and start moving back in a positive direction.

- Alexis H.

Taking this lesson was a journey into mindfulness that I had never experienced before. Nicole carried our class into a safe space to allow for acceptance of ourselves and those around us. Through her gentle guidance, I have become more aware of my ability to pause and assess within my planning and teaching style moving forward. If you are looking for a way to renew and redirect your approach to self and instruction, this is the class for you!

Leigh Targaryen, dance instructor, choreographer, costume designer, and dancer

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