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Is Alexander Technique for you?

Benefits of the Alexander Technique include increased focus, improved posture, greater coordination and balance, reduced pain and tension, easeful movement, freedom of breath, heightened confidence, better sleep, and less stress. Mindfulness moves to the forefront, and individuals discover greater pleasure out of their daily activities.


The practice is for anyone looking for a proactive approach to restoring their movement capabilities and to reaching their full potential.   


Whether presenting, teaching, commuting, drawing, gardening, dancing, or caring for others, the Alexander Technique provides tools for mindfully navigating one’s career, hobby, and daily life.  


Individuals learn how awareness in daily action transfers to the stage, field, and workplace.  They experience greater choice, possibility, and freedom, helping them break through a plateau, refine their technique, open a new chapter, shift a habit, and/or recover from an injury.  It takes courage and honesty to step back, reassess, regroup, and restore, but it’s well worth it.


Come, experience, and let the work validate itself!

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